About Us

The DMArchitekti studio has been operating since 2005, as a smooth continuation of the free association of architects, which was formed in 2003 by several enthusiastic, idealistic young graduates of Faculty of Architecture. The establishment of the studio was actually a response to several larger joint assignments. Since its origin, the studio has gone through several transformational phases, naturally caused by the maturation of the professional opinions of individual architects, and these changes have gradually shaped the studio into its current form.

DMArchtekti s.r.o. currently brings together a diverse team of architects and engineers, both in terms of age and opinion, who work together under „mutual“ supervision. The studio is based on maximally open communication and free expression of opinions, which results in many „hot“ debates and at the same time brings a wider spectrum of views on the created work. The pivotal motive of the studio is first of all to create a high-quality environment where we coexist as a society, to look for the best solution for a specific client, but at the same time to take into account the overall context of the work – a specific environment with its historical development and a certain architectural tradition, ecological aspects, traffic restrictions, etc. . We are trying to ensure that conceptual and contextual solutions are available and become a common norm for all those who cares in what environment they sleep, eat, work, rest – coexist – live.

The diverse specializations of individual team members ensures the complexity of the solutions, both in terms of typological types of constructions and individual stages of the approval process. In practice, we always consider (as ideal) a situation where we can manage the project from the initial idea up to the implementation, securing suppliers and supervision, which gives us the opportunity to defend tirelessly our misunderstood specific opinions even being in opposition to a simpler and more common practice. After several larger and more serious projects, we have recently been really pleased with fresh smaller assignments, where the scale and the timeframe allow us to play with the details and afford some experimentation with graphics. We  want to keep moving, inventing, discussing, listening, keeping our eyes open and absorbing what is offerred rather than remain stagnant at certain moment.

The principles of creation that resonate in our work are probably mostly found in the architecture of the functionalist interwar period. In addition to the notoriously known buildings, such as Machnáč, Winternitz’s villa in Prague by the architect Loos, etc., we also pay attention to lesser-known buildings, for example the Residential House on Mickiewiczová Street in Bratislava by the architect Szalatnai-Slatinský, now more or less rebuilt, or the Rental Villa of J.Sonnenfeld on Somolického Street by the architect Weinwurm.

Our preferred projects are reconstructions of objects, which we consider as a path to one of the few sustainable forms in architecture.  But at the same time, we do not shy away from (or evade) challenges offered by new buildings in historic areas or architecture that reflects tradition.

Who are we

Ing.arch. Tomáš Dimun

Authorized architect, member of the Slovak Chamber of Architects with authorization certificate 1588, graduate of Faculty of Architecture STU in Bratislava. Since completing his studies in 2002, he has been working in the field of architecture and is one of the founding members of DMArchitekti as well as its executive director. During his studies and after his graduation, he worked in several architectural studios.