Social housing Parková Bratislava

Object, or the objects of the Parková apartment building are set on axes, respecting the original axes of the construction - the existing mansion in the nearby park, the apartment building and the neighboring family house.

apartment building

Due to its location on the property and the form of the proposed pedestrian routes, it offers the possibility of creating a new pedestrian access to the mansion, which does not currently appear to be suitable. The architecture of the proposed apartment building offers visual contact with the building of the mansion from Parková street, its location does not create a barrier for visitors and residents of the apartment building, and at the same time, with its windows, it tries to preserve a partial view of the park from the family house, standing on the border of the proposed plot.

Project name Social housing Parková Bratislava
Typology Residential, social housing
Location Bratislava, Slovakia
Year 2019
Status Competition
Design team Ing.arch. Tomáš Dimun, Ing.Michaela Vatraľová, Ing. Michal Bakočka

To the greatest extent possible, the proposal tries to preserve and incorporate the existing greenery and the requirements for quality housing, as well as respects the regulation of the territory, where the built-up area is 580.70 m2, the area of green areas is 1,993.98 m2 and the floor area of the proposal is worth 1,553.10 m2. The concept of the design of the apartment building consists in the creation of an atrium around which two apartment buildings with separate entrances are built. The atrium and the connection of objects in the form of terraces with the creation of a passage, offers the possibility of closing the interior space and offering a private space for the residents of the apartment building.

The space of the inner block – the atrium, is separated from the outer part of the treated territory by a pivot door, serving as the main entrance to the objects, inserted under the roof, forming a terrace for the higher floors and set into a frame in a steel mesh, offering a base for the growth of climbing plants. In the center of the atrium, three original grown trees are left, while the middle one forms a dominant feature in the space, providing seating in the shade of its crown. The inner block is paved for the possibility of using the area for exercise and is supplemented with benches and the possibility to place bicycles covered. The same principle with the pivot door is also on the opposite side of the atrium, opposite the main entrance to the buildings, which serves as a transition to the park with designed relaxation areas, terraces, pergolas, community gardens and a greenhouse. On the sides of the inner block are the main entrances to both buildings, covered by a loft on the second above-ground floor. Vertical communications consist of straight staircases and barrier-free elevators, complemented by corridors from which individual areas of the apartment buildings are accessible. 

Laundry rooms and other storage areas are also located on the ground floor. In total, there are 16 residential units and four community living rooms with facilities in the buildings of the Parková housing complex. Of the total number of apartments, there are 8 one-bedroom apartments (areas from 28 m2 to 35 m2) and 8 two-room apartments (area 45 m2) with a total area of apartments of 612 m2. Each of the apartment units has its own sanitary facilities, a small kitchen and access to the garden, loggia, balcony or terrace, depending on the location on the given floor. The object of the apartment complex, further from Fibichová street, is designed as a three-story building, the object of the apartment complex near Fibichová street is designed as a two-story one with a recessed floor, where a vertical communication core and a corridor are left, providing access to the community living room, greenhouse and roof areas, serving as a community garden . The solution options for the object with a recessed floor are shown in the axonometric diagrams, where the originally two-story mass rises into the space in step number two and offers residential roofs, made accessible by the communication core, in step number two it also offers a community living room in addition to the residential roofs, and the last step offers a full floor with a community living room and three additional apartments, compared to the presented proposal.