Šenkvice industrial area conversion

The conversion proposal is defined by the need to change the function from the current production to a residential one, or multifunctional, considering the expanding city, in the wider center of which there are no areas for similar construction.

Residential buildings

The intention was to preserve several production buildings, converted to the new functions of gallery and city market, housing, cafe and offices. Due to the proximity of the railway station, most of the buildings have brick cladding and large industrial windows. Part of the solution is also the creation of a park for rest and relaxation. The under consideration aimed at the conversion of the industrial area is based on the undefined exact center of the village at the present time.

Project name Šenkvice industrial area conversion
Typology Residential buildings, reconstruction, conversion
Location Šenkvice, Slovakia
Year 2018
Status Architectural study
Design team Ing.arch. Tomáš Dimun, Ing.arch. Norbert Konrád

 Therefore, the proposal envisages the creation of a new center, with appropriate multi-functionality, such as small shops, cafes and other establishments, with administrative premises and housing in a small percentage, due to the close accessibility of the railway. The newly created public space would be made up of a park, using the water surface from the existing deep well, creating a recreation zone for young people (children’s playground, skating rink), specifying pedestrian routes, a cycle path and segregating car traffic, which would only marginally interfere with the given location, for the comfort of tenants, residents of apartments, houses and visitors themselves. Traffic will be relocated below the surface level, by building underground parking facilities with respect to the anticipated need for deep cleaning of the subsoil, contaminated with oils, we expect excavations of an average depth of half as much as the cuts and excavations needed for the installation of parking garages), the supplies will use the routing of downhill paths in the pedestrian zone.

The proposal also envisages the renovation of the existing expedition hall, which, due to its technical and architectural value, would be integrated into the public space with a new function of a gallery, possibly an exhibition and concert multifunctional hall, as well as the preservation of some of the cisterns that currently fulfill function of collection tanks for oil and semi-finished products. In close contact with the hall, there will be low-rise buildings with multi-functions on the ground floor, living and administrative spaces on the other floors. The proposal also envisages the construction of a kindergarten in the area for the needs of the neighborhood and the owners of part of the property themselves. The solution for the conversion of the site also provides for the provision of access for the existing operation of warehouses on adjacent plots.

The documentation will take into account and respect:

– urban-architectural and material-spatial context of the given location

– existing and proposed transport – operational and technical relations

– basic property-legal aspects and relationships

principles of creation and protection of the environment, eliminates potential negative impacts