Premium Insurance company offices

Office space for rent is located at the 9th floor in the Blumental Office II building, which is part of the newly proposed commercial and social complex Mýtna - Radlinského, located in the Bratislava Staré mesto district, between Mýtna and Radlinského streets.

company offices

The layout of the floors is conceived as flexible as possible for possible modifications of the internal division of the layout according to the tenant’s requirements. The underground floors are used for parking employees of the administration as well as the public.

Project name Premium Insurance company offices
Typology Offices, interior
Location Bratislava, Slovakia
Year 2020
Status Project
Design team Ing.arch. Tomáš Dimun, Ing.arch. Miroslava Mišurová, Ing. Michaela Vatraľová

They will also include storage areas and technical equipment of the building. The project was designed barrier-free with regard to persons with limited mobility and orientation, as well as with regard to the environment. From the beginning of the design, the requirements of the system of comprehensive assessment of the impact of construction on the environment and sustainability of buildings (LEED) were taken into account.

Part of the Blumental Office II building is a representative entrance lobby with seating and a reception desk, and on the 1st floor there is space for restaurant and business premises. The own spaces in the exterior are designed with landscape adjustments and urban furnishing in such a way as to ensure a comfortable, architecturally integrated environment for employees to relax, especially during lunch breaks, and at the same time contribute to a significant improvement of the public space in this area. The architectural expression of the designed office spaces is based on a rational and clean division of functional units and rooms. Individual offices and other spaces are separated from communication spaces by glass partition walls in wood decor, which creates an impression of openness, but at the same time provides intimacy and privacy of the spaces. In order to improve the comfort and quality of the interior environment, a plasterboard cassette ceiling will be installed in the office, meeting room, presentation room and other areas, with the maximum possible clear height, with built-in lights (led panels) and in the corridor areas a slatted ceiling will be installed at a height of +2,600m with built-in lighting, with the creation of an installation space for wiring.

The rooms are spacious, well-lit, and in addition to offices, the space also offers users common spaces for relaxation and rest (kitchenette, focus room). The material solution of the interior is based on a combination of wooden elements, glass and carpet squares of muted natural color. The color of the interior details is inspired by the company’s identity. The color scale therefore uses blue as the main accent of the space, which is complemented by soft colors such as pink, gray and white. The premises are representative and offer a full-fledged and healthy working environment for the company’s employees. The main entrance to the designed spaces from the vertical core passes into the reception area, behind which there is lounge seating hidden behind a furniture wall, separating the workplaces at the reception desk. It is designed as a blue dominant element with a company logo with two workplaces. The main meeting room for approx. 10 people is directly connected to the entrance hall. It is separated from the corridor and reception area by glazed partitions with horizontal and vertical grids with aluminum structures in wood decor.

In contact with the reception area, there is a large office for a total of eight people, with the fact that two workplaces will be separated from the rest of the space by glass partitions, to create partial working privacy. In the other direction from the central part with the reception, there is a corridor connected to three offices for the company’s management. They are separated from the corridor space by glazed partitions. The corridor continues as part of the layout around the core, while on the side of the facade of the building through glazed partitions are situated office spaces and a presentation room, separated from each other by SDK partitions. On the part of the corridor towards the core, there is an archive, a kitchen, a storage room and a bathroom. The layout is relaxed and open, but at the same time logically arranged, creating clean lines and maximizing the use of space.