Office building Blumenau Bratislava Patrónka

The Blumenau administrative building is an existing 12-story building structure near the Patrónka traffic junction.

Office building

The objective of the project was its reconstruction and renewal, which was solved down through to the supporting concrete structure. New brick parapets with a concrete border were created on the building for the installation of aluminum windows, which create a checkerboard pattern on the individual floors. In addition to the windows, the horizontality of the building is also supported by parapets, which have a concrete surface treatment. The reconstruction also included the design of the entrance areas, the creation of a cafe in the basement part of the building and cores with an elevator, staircase and sanitary facilities, repeated on all above-ground floors.

Project name Office building Blumenau
Typology Office building, reconstruction
Location Bratislava, Slovakia
Year 2019
Status Project
Design team Ing.arch. Tomáš Dimun, Ing.arch. Lucia Profant, Ing.arch. Marek Cipko