Multifunctional building Cyprichova Bratislava

The newly designed multifunctional building is designed as a grouping of modules with dimensions of 7m x 9.25m with three above-ground floors with multiple functions - spaces for rent, office spaces, wellness, with one underground floor serving as a garage.

Multifunctional building

The main entrance to the building is solved in the central space means of omitting the module. On the ground floor there are two leasable businesses (cafe, hairdresser) facilities to be leased, the building’s reception and sanitary facilities. In the south-eastern part of the building there is an outdoor cinema with an exterior staircase, which smoothly connects the green area of the plot with the community gardens.

Project name Multifunctional building Cyprichova Bratislava
Typology Office building, public, wellness, coffee shop
Location Bratislava, Slovakia
Year 2022
Status Project
Design team Ing.arch. Tomáš Dimun, Ing. Michaela Vatraľová, Ing.arch. Romana Maľová

In the north-western part of the ground floor there is a ramp with one lane to the 1st underground floor. On the second above-ground floor there are office spaces with a reception area, social facilities and terraces. The wellness center is located on the third floor. The underground floor is accessible by a one-lane two-way ramp, which overcomes a height difference of 4.4 m, in order to ensure a substrate height of 2.1 m above the structures. The underground part is further divided into traffic for motor vehicles, 14 parking spaces and vertical traffic. The lower and upper structures are designed as a combination of skeleton and wall monolithic reinforced concrete construction system with infill masonry.

The building is designed with a facade insulation system with plaster imitating exposed concrete and a ventilated facade with wooden or ceramic cladding. The mass of the building is made up of modules with dimensions of 7m x 9.25m with omitted sections, due to the location of the terraces and lightening of the building. The mass of the multi-functional building is completed in the place of the southern facade with a reinforced concrete frame, closing the floors. There are terraces in the part of the main entrance to the building.

1st underground floor (-4,400)

There are 14 parking spaces for motor vehicles and vertical communication on the first underground floor. The ventilation of the lower structure will be solved through English courtyards. The exit from the garage is solved by a direct two-way ramp with an appropriate slope.

1st floor (±0.000)

1st floor it is designed as a mass with a central entrance to the building, smoothly connected to the reception. The entrance is solved in the form of a created partial atrium with greenery, covered on all floors by a walkable structure, serving as a terrace for businesses. At the reception there are rentable establishments, such as a cafe and hairdressing salon, sanitary facilities and an outdoor summer cinema, serving as a seating area for the cafe.

2nd floor (+3,300)

The 2nd floor we can reach by a single-armed staircase and an elevator. Office spaces, reception and sanitary facilities are located on this floor. The premises also include outdoor terraces.

3rd floor  (+6,600)

On the floor there is a wellness center with a reception and sanitary facilities. Outdoor terraces belong to individual parts of the operation.

ROOF (+10,300)

A flat roof, implemented as a vegetation (extensive) roof with a substrate thickness of 6-15 cm with planting of grasses, stonecrops, herbs. The roofs will not be intended for stay of persons.

The entire concept of the solution is based on the creation of an object that serves not only the needs of visitors of the object, but in the form of community gardens on the property itself, the solution of the wellness area and outdoor cinema, the object should also serve the residents of the surrounding apartment buildings. The creation of a public space with greenery, flowing seamlessly into the interior of the building is a matter of fact.