Hospital of the future in Martin

The competition for the design of the solution for the hospital in Martin included all modern components of the hospital as such namely central reception of patients, children's department, anesthesia-resuscitation department, gynecology department, to medical training areas and rehabilitation.

Hospital of the future

The mass of the object is divided according to individual functions while maintaining clarity when entering the hospital and the emergency department. The design includes outdoor atriums for patients and visitors for the possibility of spending free time and an inner atrium with the main reception desk. The facade of the building was divided by horizontal and vertical concrete ribs with window fillings and a shading system.

Project name Hospital of the future Martin
Typology hospital, public
Location Martin, Slovakia
Year 2017
Status Competition
Design team Ing.arch. Tomáš Dimun, Ing.arch. Norbert Konrád, Ing.arch. Marek Cipko