HANT Bratislava Office building

The floor plan of the building has the shape of a rectangle with dimensions of 13.96m x 63.16m with a height of 19.850m.

Office building

The 1st floor with dimensions of 13.96m x 24.16m is partially recessed and creates covered parking and a covered entrance to the entrance hall. The remaining four floors have the same character and floor plan dimensions.

Project name HANT Bratislava Office building
Typology Office building, interior
Location Bratislava, Slovakia
Year 2022
Status Project
Design team Ing.arch. Tomáš Dimun, Ing.arch. Romana Maľová, Ing. Michaela Vatraľová, Ing. Michal Bakočka

The 1st floor with dimensions of 13.96m x 24.16m is partially recessed and creates covered parking and a covered entrance to the entrance hall. The remaining four floors have the same character and floor plan dimensions. The facade of the building with applied brick cladding and industrial division of window fillings completes the overall industrial character of the given location. The building is covered with a flat roof with foil covering. Automatic folding shading elements are used on the building, conveyed, moving in guide profiles, which complete the „playfulness“ of the facade with their individual shading placement. In place of the longitudinal modules, from the 2nd to the 5th floor, there are ejected ridges are pushed out, which enhance the tectonics of the building.

A loggia with access from the common areas of the individual floors will be located above the glass ground floor in the middle section. A reinforced concrete monolithic column support system with reinforced concrete ceiling slabs 200 mm thick will be used on the construction site. Bearing columns with dimensions of 0.4m x 0.4m have a module of 7.8m in the longitudinal direction and in the transverse direction they create a double tract in modules of 6.0m and 7.0m. At the 1st floor, there is the main entrance to the building and secondary entrances for the operation of the restaurant.

The entrance hall is accessible through the covered leeward and through the lounge in the direction of the parking lot. There are stairs in the entrance hall leading to the second floor, serving as a separate access to the restaurant. In the southeastern part of the ground floor, there is a reception with facilities and occasional changing rooms for the needs of cyclists. Sanitary facilities and an elevator hall with a staircase are accessible from the entrance hall. In the north-western part of the ground floor there is a technical room and a separate entrance for the operation of the kitchen. Parking spaces for bicycles and motorcycles are also being considered near the main entrances and in the area of the covered rear parking lot. In the left part of the building on the 2nd floor, there is a restaurant with a possible separate entrance via the stairs from the lobby of the entrance hall on the ground floor. In the area near the elevator hall, or in the vestibule there is a lounge with access to the loggia. In the right part of the building, there are rooms of a dormitory and an employee apartment with accessories – a laundry room, a cleaner, a kitchen and a living room. The dormitory consists of 12 accommodation cells with a total number of 22 beds, where 6 cells have three sanitary facilities and the remaining 6 have their own sanitary facilities, located next to the cell, (in a) hotel-style.

On the higher floors, the floor plan is divided into left and right sides, where a loggia is located near the elevator hall. The lateral parts of the building are designed as a layout of three tracts with a central corridor and lateral division of office spaces and accessories. The solved office spaces of the HANT company are located on the 4th and 5th floors of the newly designed building. The disposition solution and division of the disposition is designed according to the requirements of the investor. The office facilities and the object as such were designed barrier-free with regard to persons with limited mobility and orientation, as well as with regard to the environment. From the beginning of the design, the requirements of the system of comprehensive assessment of the impact of construction on the environment and sustainability of buildings (LEED) were taken into account. Part of the HANT building is a representative entrance lobby with seating and reception, and on the 2nd floor there is space for a restaurant. The own spaces in the exterior are designed with landscaping and urban furnishings in such a way as to ensure a comfortable, architecturally integrated environment for employees to relax, especially during lunch breaks, and at the same time contribute to a significant improvement of the public space in this area.