Farmhouse Východná

Farmhouse Východná

horseback riding club

The subject of the assignment was the design of a farm for horse breeding combined with housing and a riding school. The land is slightly sloping, situated at the foot of the High Tatras. The building is made up of two parallel masses with a gable roof, one with the function of housing and the other with the function of stables for horses, connected by a one-story building of a garage and a technical room. The composition creates an internal atrium with garden arrangements.

Project name Farmhouse and horseback riding club in Vysokých Tatrách Východná
Typology Farmhouse, residential
Location Východná, Slovakia
Year 2022
Status Project
Design team Ing.arch. Tomáš Dimun, Ing.Michaela Vatraľová, Ing.arch. Romana Maľová

The composition and morphology is based on the traditional architecture of the given location with the use of seeming half-timbering and wooden cladding. The newly designed farm is designed as three objects with different functions, connected by a gable roof and a covered porch in the shape of rectangular blocks with floor plan dimensions of 6,960m x 16,610m, 5,355m x 7,100m and 6,960m x 16,610m, which, by their connection, create a floor plan shape of the letter U with an internal atrium.  The main entrance, or the entrance to the atrium is solved through two opening gates, used for the arrival of equipment and access on foot. The main entrance to the building for servicing the quarantine station is from the interior space from the northwest part, the entrances to the technical part and the warehouse are oriented from the passage, and the entrances to the quarantine stables are from the courtyard and at the same time towards the outer part of the property. The building of the technical facilities is one-story, covered with a flat foil roof, the buildings for the stay of people in the quarantine station and for stables of horses are one-story with an attic space, covered with a gable roof with steel engraving.

The building for people’s stay is designed as a brick building made of ceramic fittings, with a wooden beam ceiling, or with an open view into the structure of the truss, the object of the technical background is designed as a brick building with ceramic fittings with a reinforced concrete ceiling, the object for stables of horses is designed as a wooden structure.

In the residential part, the facade has a contact insulation system with insulation with a minimum coefficient of thermal conductivity and at the same time with a minimum thickness of insulation to maintain thermal comfort and maximize the usable area of the building. The facade in the technical part is designed with a ventilated facade with wooden cladding. The facade of the stable is designed as a wooden frame with wooden lining.

The structure of the truss consists of a roof sheath with insulation and covering and a wooden structure made of rafters, slats and clamps, with the use of a standing stool, in order to achieve the required aesthetics.

Due to the elevation of the land near the proposed family houses, the project considers a partial adjustment of the slope of the terrain, in order to create flat areas for the garden and paved areas. These planes will be reinforced with retaining walls or concrete curbs.