Family house Svätý Jur

The design of a family house located in the city of Svätý Jur in its part of the national heritage-protected part is based on the requirements of the client and the binding regulations of the given part of the territory.

The design of a family house

The chosen architecture is in the traditional appearance of vineyard houses, which are characteristic of the town and date back to the Renaissance. The requirements of the client and the state authorities, related to the color of the roofing, the height of the building, the shape of the roof and its slope, were taken into account in the proposal. The architectural expression of the family house is based on classic geometric shapes, a simple composition of masses and modern materials.

Project name Family house in Svätý Jur
Typology residential, monument reservation
Location Svätý Jur, Slovakia
Year 2020
Status Project
Design team Ing.arch. Tomáš Dimun, Ing.arch. Romana Maľová, Ing. Michaela Vatraľová, Ing. Michal Bakočka, Ing.arch. Miroslava Mišurová

The ground plan shape of the object is formed by two shifted rectangles. The roof consists of a gable roof with a inhabited attic, which serves in part of the terrace as a roof for this reinforced surface. The architectural expression of the facades is based on dimensionally classical window openings of a rural expression with a combination of large-area glazing in some living rooms, which at the same time ensure sufficient glare and a pleasant interior atmosphere. The dynamics of the building are also supported by contrasting materials, exposed concrete of the garage, distinctive wooden elements of the truss and white exterior plaster of the above-ground part of the building. The family house is designed as a single floor with a residential attic and a basement.

The main entrance to the building can be accessed from the terrace after overcoming the height difference between the terrain and the 1st above-ground floor via an exterior staircase. The layout of the family house on the 1st above-ground floor consists of an entrance hall with an emergency toilet, and social area: a living room, a dining room, a kitchen and a pantry, which make up the day part of the building. From the dining area and the living room there is access to the outdoor terrace, covered by the roof of the building. In the intimate part of the house there are two children’s rooms with wardrobes, a bedroom, a study, a bathroom, a laundry room, and a toilet. Access to the outdoor terrace is possible from the laundry room. From the children’s rooms, the second part of the children’s room on the residential attic floor is accessible by a ladder.

The storage spaces in the attic are accessible via a hatch and from one of the children’s rooms. The other side of the outdoor terrace is accessible from the bedroom and study. In the basement there is a garage with a technical room. The house is based on reinforced concrete transverse walls, which can be used to build basement storage areas in the future. In the proposed project, this open exterior space between the ceiling structure below the above-ground floor and the terrain is used for storing garden furniture, garden supplies, etc.