Family house Kunovice

The family house is situated in a built-up part of the town of Kunovice, near Uherské Hradište.

Design of the object

The building is designed as a single-story building with a gable roof. The entrance to the house proceeds under a white steel structure with an arch. At the entrance to the property, there is a garage with a flat roof and surface treated by grooved concrete. The day and night parts of the house are lined with black ceramic tiles in the form of a ventilated facade, the gable roof has a dark roof covering. Window fillings from the bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen are large-format wood-aluminum ones. The passages to the terrace are covered by a steel structure. The interior of the house is divided into two halves, where in the central part of the living room there is a view into the roof structure. The remaining ceilings are wooden beams.

Project name Family house in Kunovice
Typology residential
Location Kunovice, Czech republic
Year 2021
Status Project
Design team Ing.arch. Tomáš Dimun, Ing. Michaela Vatraľová, Ing.arch. Dominika Huttová, Ing. Michal Bakočka, Ing.arch. Romana Maľová

The architectural expression of the family house is based on classic geometric shapes, a simple composition of masses and modern materials. The ground plan shape of the building is made up of a rectangle near the bungalow and a square near the garage. The roof of the bungalow is a pitched roof, the roof of the garage is a flat roof. The architectural expression of the facades is based on a larger number of window openings with low or no sills, which at the same time ensure sufficient sunlight and a pleasant interior atmosphere. 

The dynamics of the object are (is) also supported by contrasting materials, such as ceramic cladding, exposed concrete, and wooden elements, which at the same time strive for a pleasant, non-aggressive appearance. The family house is designed as a one-story bungalow with a ladder access to the attic for storage space and with a partially sub-basement in the part of the house under the garage.

On the 1st floor, the main entrance to the vestibule is located next to the garage on the transverse facade of the bungalow. From the vestibule, it is possible to exit via a hatch to the attic used for storage. There is access to the emergency toilet from the vestibule.

From the vestibule one enters the living room of the family house, which consists of a large kitchen with a dining room, a living room with a fireplace, and opposite it, a glass yoga room that has more or less the character of a winter garden. Close to the kitchen is access to the pantry and laundry rooms. The living room and the kitchen part of the house have access to the terrace, which will be partly roofed in the form of a steel structure. From the yoga room, it is possible to access the footpath on the opposite side of the house, where a smaller herb garden is being considered.

From the living room there is access to the night area, which consists of 3 bedrooms, which also have access to the terrace, one common bathroom for two bedrooms, accessible from the corridor, a bathroom with a sauna accessible only from the third – the largest bedroom and access from the corridor to two wardrobes and technical room.

The newly designed family house is designed as consists of a rectangular block with floor plan dimensions of 9.1m x 26.6m, and a garage with floorplan dimensions of 8.6m x 9.8m with 1 partially underground floor and 1 above-ground floor with a sloping roof on the bungalow and a flat roof on the garage.

The lower structure of the garage is designed as a concrete tub insulated against groundwater, which is at a level of approx. 2.3 m below the ground. The vertical support system of the garage is designed as monolithic reinforced concrete walls, 200mm and 300mm thick. The horizontal support system is designed as cross-reinforced monolithic reinforced concrete slabs. On the upper building – on the bungalow, the perimeter load-bearing walls are designed from Porotherm load-bearing blocks, which carry the construction of the sloping roof. The ceilings in this part of the building are designed as wooden beams.

The facade has a contact insulation system – EPS-based polystyrene. The facade is lined with ceramic tiles in the form of a ventilated facade on a bungalow, and plaster imitating structured concrete is used for the garage.