Apartment Tale

The purpose of the project was the interior design of a three-room apartment in Tále in the Low Tatras.

Family apartment

The entrance to the apartment is solved and separated by an interior element, which consists of a wardrobe on one side and a kitchen on the other. Next to the kitchen is a part with a living room and a dining table, which are located near the large windows, providing a view of the forest. The bedrooms and bathrooms are accessed next to the fireplace, through sliding doors that are part of the wooden paneling.

Project name Family apartment Tále
Typology residential, interior
Location Tále, Slovakia
Year 2020
Status Interior study
Design team Ing.arch. Tomáš Dimun, Ing. Michaela Vatraľová, Ing. Michal Bakočka, Ing.arch. Dominika Huttová