Turzo Spa

Turzo SPA DESIGN OF THE OBJECTS Landscape – Nature – Health – Relaxation – Architecture are attributes that characterize the spa environment. Our goal was to support these attributes, but not to disturb the character and atmosphere of the area under consideration. The design concept was to preserve the expression of the original architecture as […]

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Health resort Sliač

Health resort Sliač DESIGN OF THE OBJECT The subject of the competition was the restoration and extension of the Sliač spa near Banská Bystrica. The spa consists of several buildings, located near forests on a vast area, and together with the park, they form buildings listed as protected historical monuments from the 19th and 20th

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A smaller wellness center is located in the basement of the building in the city center. wellness center The solution used dark materials such as stone and wood with the use of indirect lighting and light beams, evoking and reminiscent of a cellar in a positive sense of the word. There is a relaxation pool

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Grossling spa

The main idea of the competition was the restoration of the function of the city spas in the city center. health resort The spa consists of several buildings and together they create a monument-preserved building from the 19th and 20th centuries. The building will have indoor pools, saunas, massages, outdoor pools and a relaxation center.

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Hospital of the future in Martin

The competition for the design of the solution for the hospital in Martin included all modern components of the hospital as such namely central reception of patients, children’s department, anesthesia-resuscitation department, gynecology department, to medical training areas and rehabilitation. Hospital of the future The mass of the object is divided according to individual functions while

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