Family house Kunovice

The family house is situated in a built-up part of the town of Kunovice, near Uherské Hradište. Design of the object The building is designed as a single-story building with a gable roof. The entrance to the house proceeds under a white steel structure with an arch. At the entrance to the property, there is […]

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A smaller wellness center is located in the basement of the building in the city center. wellness center The solution used dark materials such as stone and wood with the use of indirect lighting and light beams, evoking and reminiscent of a cellar in a positive sense of the word. There is a relaxation pool

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Apartment house Ovruč

The reconstruction proposal was carried out in the spirit of creating a playful roof plane of the building, which does not appear monoblock due to its division and does not contrast with the surrounding hills. Residential building In terms of layout, the design was based on the original layout of the hotel, where a common

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Apartment Tale

The purpose of the project was the interior design of a three-room apartment in Tále in the Low Tatras. Family apartment The entrance to the apartment is solved and separated by an interior element, which consists of a wardrobe on one side and a kitchen on the other. Next to the kitchen is a part

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